Membership of the Association is open to any individual or institution interested in its activities and sympathetic to its aims. Please see the information about fees and how to join, or contact the Membership Secretary,

Membership fees to be paid by Standing Order only:

  • Standard   £30
  • Overseas  (other than sterling)    £44
  • Concession (Full time student)   £20
  • Institutional membership    £ 70

Standard membership is intended for individuals teaching, lecturing or researching in the area of SFL. It will entitle them to full membership rights, including the right to vote, stand in elections and contribute to the development of the Association. It also includes reduced fees to all events organised by the Association.
Concession membership is intended for teacher trainees, the retired and those not currently in employment. They shall enjoy the same rights as standard members.
Institutional membership (maximum of two members) is intended for any institution sympathetic to the aims of The Association. They shall enjoy the same rights as standard members except voting or election rights.

IMPORTANT: Please note that the full subscription rate must be paid to the Association. The arising bank fees are to be paid fully by the applicant.

Registration  form

Please send a copy of this form completed and confirmation of Standing Order to